The Maurin Academy’s First Newsletter: The Regenerative Reader December 2022

You’ll find the Maurin Academy’s plans for the first part of 2023 in our first newsletter! We’ve got several series planned by myself and my co-founders, and I’ll be doing a monthly live session every first Thursday that you can register for on Eventbrite or Patreon.

My first “Pints with Plato” will be December 5 at 7 p.m. US Central Time. Yes, I will be talking about Plato on this occasion, but then I plan on moving forward through some of the great thinkers of the Western tradition using my Straussian intellectual inheritance plus the theoretical lenses I’ve learned along the way, and without ever forgetting the environment, our common home. I’ll be thinking about the Western tradition’s moral, social, physical, economic and spiritual impact for good and evil in 12 monthly sessions. Take a moment to sign up for our newsletter, which will always be free–we’ll email it to you once a month. I’m hoping we can bring you some hope in the next year–not by giving you infotainment, platitudes or simple binary solutions, but to bring you along on the quest for the truth wherever it leads.

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