I’m Dr. Laurie M Johnson (the M’s there so you won’t mistake me for the 5 trillion other Laurie Johnsons out there), and this is one place you can find the YouTube videos on political and social philosophy I make each week. I also publish each as a podcast, which you can find here or subscribe to on iTunes, Spotify or Google podcasts. I’m a political theorist whose primary interests have circled around classical liberalism, the critique of classical liberalism and the implications for community and equality. My latest book, Ideological Possession and the Rise of the New Right deals with the economic and psychological origins of this ongoing global phenomenon. I do not take the easy way and hitch my wagon to one ideology or philosophical school. My ideas are heterodox and syncretistic. I’m looking for a way we can live together productively while not fighting and not leaving anyone behind. Should be no problem. You can find my personal webpage at http://www.lauriemjohnson.com


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