Political and Religious Virtue: Really?

auerwas deals skeptically with both political and religious virtue, but holds out hope for a type of political virtue within church. His treatment in Christian Existence Today is a bit cursory, but it’s thought provoking. The second half of this video deals with the problems of community and political virtue in church. Hint: it doesn’t mean joining team red or blue. … More Political and Religious Virtue: Really?

Why Not School Prayer? Hauerwas’s Christian Critique of Christian America

In his book Christian Existence Today, “A Christian Critique of Christian America,” Stanley Hauerwas takes on American civil religion. Understanding why most Christian positions toward the state aren’t good enough will help us determine what Christianity might look like if we stopped pursuing it through the state, ideologies and politics. … More Why Not School Prayer? Hauerwas’s Christian Critique of Christian America

Introduction to Stanley Hauerwas

ell known for his critique of liberal ideology and his defense of the church as its own community that should be something different than “the world.” His thought lends itself to communitarianism and challenges the growth of Christian Nationalism and Constantinianism in our day. This video introduces Hauerwas’s life and some of his big ideas and is the beginning of a series derived from two of his books: A Community of Character: Toward a Constructive Christian Social Ethic, and Christian Existence Today: Essays on Church, World, and Living In-Between. … More Introduction to Stanley Hauerwas