Registration Now Open for Introduction to Christian Anarchism Summer Seminar 2022

Summer 2022: Laurie Johnson will offer a Seminar on Christian Anarchism. All proceeds from this course after fees are paid will go to support the mission of MORTC/Blue Valley Greens organic farm in Kansas City, MO. To enroll in this course on MORTC’s in Kansas City’s store, go to their Square site. Friends of MORTC, use the … More Registration Now Open for Introduction to Christian Anarchism Summer Seminar 2022

The State of University Address

I’m going to change it up a little in the New Year. More to come on what to expect from Spencer Hess, an interviewee and a new contributor to this channel!

On this video: Hauerwas writes about the state of universities and liberal arts colleges, particularly but not exclusively religious colleges. Many of the problems he sees and the aspirations he holds dear can be applied to any modern university or college. I trace key elements of Hauerwas’s argument and sift them through my own perspective as an educator. Universities are not in good shape and do not seem to be poised for a positive turn. What is the point of higher education ideally and really? … More The State of University Address

Distributism Summer Seminar Recordings Available

If you missed the Summer 2021 Seminar on the economic philosophy of Distributism, but you want to view the videos of the five sessions, you can get the series here for $25 and gain access to all five (as well as a link to the recommended readings) for a year: For more information and … More Distributism Summer Seminar Recordings Available

Dissenting Christianity–Here’s Where to Start

A list of resources is below. After reading Walter Brueggemann’s Out of Babylon, it’s only logical to ask “so where would I go to get this type of Christianity?” I’ve put together my own personal shortlist of resources to help anyone who wants to “dip their toe into these waters” as to where to turn … More Dissenting Christianity–Here’s Where to Start

The Price of Hypocrisy (Out of Babylon: Brueggemann 2) ft. Nietzsche

the second chapter of Walter Brueggemann’s book Out of Babylon, the “local tradition” of the United States, as the “shining city on a hill,” is explored in the context of prophetic calls for examination and repentance both in the Old Testament and in Walter Brueggemann’s theology. People always design narratives to explain their situation and role in the world, and Brueggemann teaches that this is not only inevitable but good–or it can be, if the story we tell is not simply delusion but pushes us to act in according to the values we say we embrace. In this case, he’s talking about Biblical Christian values and he is asking American Christians what (or who) they really stand for. I think this is a very worthy question, so this session is devoted to it. … More The Price of Hypocrisy (Out of Babylon: Brueggemann 2) ft. Nietzsche