Marx, Identity, and Recuperation: Interview with Jakob Hanschu (Part 2-Video)

In this second half of my interview with Jakob Hanschu, we evaluate the worth of reading Marx’s Capital, discuss capitalism’s impact on community, culture and faith, discuss the rise of identity politics and the New Right, and deal with the topic of intersectionality. Some of the thinkers discussed besides Marx are Wendell Berry, Chantal Mouffe, McKenzie Wark, Jacques Derrida and Slavoj Zizek. … More Marx, Identity, and Recuperation: Interview with Jakob Hanschu (Part 2-Video)

Alternative Conservatism: Michael Oakeshott’s Model

The term “conservatism” is so laden with unfortunate meaning and associations by now that it’s hard to explain to people what it meant before it was confused with liberalism. But it’s really important to do so, because unlike the revolutionary culture-, family- and community-busting market-prioritizing conservatism everyone knows about now, the older version has positive contributions to make in a time of openness to different ways of thinking and living. Michael Oakeshott was a 20th century British thinker who wrote “On Being Conservative.” We’ll read from the essay and mark some notable differences between the natural conservatism of Oakeshott and US conservatism today.
More Alternative Conservatism: Michael Oakeshott’s Model

“Frankenfoods” and Big Ag: Three Perspectives

A comparison of three perspectives on technology and food production, Pamela Ronald, an advocate for the use of GMO’s to alleviate global malnutrition but not necessarily for profit, Robert Fraley (Monsanto), an advocate of big ag techniques as a way to feed the world, and Wendell Berry, advocate of traditional farming and local self-sufficiency and critic of big ag. … More “Frankenfoods” and Big Ag: Three Perspectives