Where did Christians go wrong? A conversation w/ Spencer Hess on The Enchantments of Mammon (1-Video)

In this first part of our recent conversation, Spencer and I discuss what we took away from Eugene McCarraher’s The Enchantments of Mammon. I did a series on this book not long ago, and I”ll put the playlist in a link below. We discuss the question of where Christianity started going wrong, McCarraher’s adoption of Romanticism, his preference for socialism and socialism’s compatibility with Christianity, and his even greater preference for some sort of Christian anarchism. What is the role of the church in creating community–and why doesn’t the church do it well? And we don’t mean getting together for a book club or coffee klatsch.

Enchantments of Mammon playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsLkfggTCOx9g6UbY3rSwMKeCwsGtAZtr

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