Ten Things to Consider (Thanksgiving Greetings ft. Zuckerberg’s Metaverse)

Do you think being grateful while eating your turkey is the best thing you could be doing on Thanksgiving? Here are some thoughts to agitate you (and maybe get you to drink one less beer) on this US holiday. Along the way we ponder the “Metaverse” of Mark Zuckerberg’s dreams, why charity might not be the very best thing you could do, and why word vomiting on others is an activity to avoid–maybe particularly today.

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One thought on “Ten Things to Consider (Thanksgiving Greetings ft. Zuckerberg’s Metaverse)

  1. Let’s call Metaverse by its real name: the matrix. I’m in full agreement that technological escapism takes us away from the suffering that truly makes us human. In my own life, I’ve seen what the T.V. has done to members of my own family. It’s old technology now, but these insidious glowing boxes have literally sucked the soul out of people I love. These things are straight up zombie makers. Just where we are is terrifying…where they are trying to take us…[The remainder of this comment has been censored by Big Brother AI for themes of negativity and luddism.]


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