Hatching Plans for a New Podcast, Seminar and Beyond

If you’re interested in the summer seminar, fill out this brief form: https://forms.gle/WxikMpNx1M64GeTEA

While Spencer is doing his series, I’m working on solidifying plans for a new podcast that will feature conversations between the two of us and some of our colleagues on issues the environment, economic and political challenges, political theology and independent community building. I will also be convening another seminar this summer. This one will be on Christian Anarchism. Both of these projects will fall under the new Maurin academy, which will promote care for our common home (the Earth), discussions on Christian political theology, the difficulties and successes of independent community building, and the promises and practices of local agriculture and economy.

For more from us: https://pmaurin.org

https://lauriemjohnson.com/ https://politicalphilosophy.video.blog/

iTunes podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/political-philosophy-dr-laurie-m-johnson/id1473457784

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