Stop the Culture Wars: A Plea to the US Left (ft. Chris Cutrone, Matt Christman & Catherine Liu)

Radical liberal brunches on the left march, tweet and wear edgy tee-shirts. Radical liberal boaters on the right march, tweet and put flags on their pickup trucks. Their main accomplishment is to blame the other side for their favorite problems, expiate their responsibility and guilt, and eliminate the possibility of positive change on any of their issues. Spencer and Laurie focus in on the US left, because their disappointment in that group is more profound.

Progressives say they’re interested in economic change towards more equality. But the PMC* progressives have wasted a lot of time and energy in the endless culture war “ping pong match.” Their energy and intellectual fire power could be used to demonstrate how to organize and live differently. But there are financial and mental health disincentives to actually changing up how the PMC does business.

In this discussion, Laurie’s previous interview with Platypus co-founder Chris Cutrone comes up, along with Chapo Traphouse’s Matt Christman”s individual work, and the book featured by Spencer in his latest video: Catherine Liu: Virtue Hoarders: The Case Agains the Professional Managerial Class (2021).*

Matt Christman’s Cushvlog is a part of Chapo Traphouse. All he does at the beginning is sing a bit instead of jokes and banter. Here’s an example:

Laurie’s interview with Chris Cutrone:

Catherine Liu appears on Jacobin:

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