How Machiavelli Shaped Our Modern World

This Thursday at 7 p.m. US Central Time I’ll be talking about the impact of Machiavelli’s political realism on our world. Machiavelli’s philosophy represents a pivotal moment in the history of political thought–it signified deep change that eventually ushered in the liberal revolutions. I will focus on the ideas that helped shape our world, connecting the dots between his rebellion against idealism and Christian morality and the way we think today. I’d love to see you there, take your questions and hear your thoughts!

There are two ways to join our zoom call. Your support on Patreon for the Maurin Academy’s mission will gain you access to my talks and all our other content–just subscribe at the 2nd or 3rd levels, depending on your needs. You can also register for this event on Eventbrite. Both links are below:



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