How to Read Theory

After all, when we’re reading theory, surely we’re not looking for that golden unicorn–the one thinker who can give us the answers to everything already formed. Surely we’re reading theory because that comprehensive answer is still lacking, and we’re trying our best to put the comprehensive answer together. No one has yet provided the comprehensive answer, and maybe no one ever will, but one thing I know is, that unicorn has yet to be born. … More How to Read Theory

Christmas 2020: What Does Incarnation Mean? Three Insights.

God becoming man in flesh is perhaps the biggest belief-ask of Christianity. We call Jesus being born “the incarnation.” This literally means enfleshment; God becoming a real man, not just the illusion of one. If we want to entertain this belief, what insights does it give? … More Christmas 2020: What Does Incarnation Mean? Three Insights.

We Have an Obligation to Rethink Everything.

We cannot afford to reject an idea just because the “other side” or some “crackpot” happened to talk about it. The old categories are showing just how old they are. Arguably not only the political parties but the country itself is in a crisis that resembles decrepitude, the inability to get bearings, the lack of hope, the lack of even concerted thought and effort. Rome is burning and Nero is fiddling. Under these circumstances, we have an obligation to rethink everything. … More We Have an Obligation to Rethink Everything.

To the Fan Dong (Reactionaries)

You exist in your make-believe world. Your world where if men were gentlemen and women were ladies, all would be well. Where, if only, people went to church and believed the jot and tittle of the latest orthodoxy (read: what you believe is the oldest orthodoxy). Where if only everyone was like you—if only there was agreement that kids just needed to learn their ABC’s and 123’s and if everyone was SAVED. … More To the Fan Dong (Reactionaries)

Between Cave and Clean Air

Do you discern the patience, the love, that Socrates felt for the damned? When homely, old, but infinitely wiser and hence more beautiful Socrates told Alcibiades he could lie beside him and on the other side Agathon could lie, did he exercise the utmost in self-control for the sake of Love, able to love them both while not even being capable of being pulled by either one of them into the chained space of the cave? … More Between Cave and Clean Air