Dark Materialism: Notes on a Critical Politics for the New Materialisms

From Jakob Hanschu, whom I recently interviewed. It’s his MA thesis (dissertation in the UK) and well worth a read. It offers a corrective to New Materialist thought with his concept of “Dark Materialism.”

Theoretical Capriccio

It’s the garbage fire you all have(n’t) been waiting for… Below is my MA dissertation pasted in full. However, since a blog post is a wholly inadequate way to deal with long pieces such as my dissertation, I’ve also attached it HERE as a PDF document. I haven’t yet received final marks for the work, but the preliminary ones are promising thus far.

Dark Materialism: Notes on a Critical Politics for the New Materialisms

Jakob Hanschu

Dissertation submitted in partial requirement for the Degree of MA in Critical Theory and Politics

University of Nottingham, 2019-2020


New materialism asserts that matter is resistant to human action, in excess of human understanding, capable of exerting its own effectual powers, and able to form unique heterogeneous assemblages. However, most tenets of new materialist thought eschew emancipatory politics and social struggles, instead focusing on (an often inferred and indirect) ethics. The following dissertation…

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