The Price of Hypocrisy (Out of Babylon: Brueggemann 2) ft. Nietzsche

In the second chapter of Walter Brueggemann’s book Out of Babylon, the “local tradition” of the United States, as the “shining city on a hill,” is explored in the context of prophetic calls for examination and repentance both in the Old Testament and in Walter Brueggemann’s theology. People always design narratives to explain their situation and role in the world, and Brueggemann teaches that this is not only inevitable but good–or it can be, if the story we tell is not simply delusion but pushes us to act in according to the values we say we embrace. In this case, he’s talking about Biblical Christian values and he is asking American Christians what (or who) they really stand for. I think this is a very worthy question, so this session is devoted to it.

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2 thoughts on “The Price of Hypocrisy (Out of Babylon: Brueggemann 2) ft. Nietzsche

  1. We must be aware of our leaders sharing their personal convictions and interpretations concerning the Bible.
    We rarely hear encouragement from our leaders to follow Holy Spirit, balanced with the teachings of Jesus.
    Our Journey will look different for every individual Believer who practice this approach.
    When I spend time in His word, prayer and other Sacred practices, leaders speak words of confirmation not always information!
    Jesus asked who do men say that I Am
    Jesus was interested in what other’s thought, after a reply Jesus then asked who do YOU say.
    We can determine for ourselves Who Jesus is in our lives.

    Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self.

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