Next “Pints” Tomorrow–This One’s on Aristotle!

The second “Pints” event is tomorrow (Thursday, February 2) at 7 p.m. Central Time. You can join me live for about an hour and a quarter, with time for Q and A. This month we’re talking about Aristotle and his enduring legacy in the development of political thought. You can get in on this by sponsoring the Maurin Academy on Patreon at the Salt of the Earth or Worker-Scholar levels (in which case you get access to all monthly Pints, including recordings if you miss our live events, and a lot more–including at the Worker-Scholar level access to all our live classes and events). You can also join by registering for tomorrow’s Pints on Eventbrite. I’ll put both links below. I hope to see you tomorrow! 


Eventbrite registration:

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