Next Live Session: Augustine on Athens vs. Jerusalem

This Thursday is my monthly “Pints with Plato” talk and discussion, and I’ll be focusing on St. Augustine’s Book XIX of Augustine’s The City of God in which he wrestles with the relative importance of philosophy versus faith, or Athens versus Jerusalem. I will also talk a bit about Augustine’s influence on the school of political thought known as realism. Here’s where you can find Book XIX:

There are two ways you can join me this Thursday, March 2 at 7 p.m. US Central Time:

Support the Maurin Academy on Patreon at the Worker Scholar or Salt of the Earth levels to gain access to all recorded or all live (and recorded) content from the Academy, including Pints. This is a great way to support the Academy and stay in touch with us as we offer more alternative education in political thought, political theology, and environmental concerns

Register on Eventbrite (you will be able to select either a $10 registration fee or a donation) for this session. This is another great way to support the Academy and help us reach people!
Thanks and I hope to see you Thursday for another Pint:)!

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